We believe in the words of Pablo-Picasso who said

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”.

Started in 2001, Artfull aims at learning and appreciating various art forms. Mr. Kumaresan, founder of Artfull is a passionate art teacher for almost more than 15 years. Graduated from Kumbakonam Government college of Arts and Crafts and having worked in an architectural illustration company for three years, he has been encouraging the students by focusing on their individuality and creativity. Artfull also has an art gallery which showcases various forms of paintings by different artists. We are associated with many leading construction companies, architects, hotels, IT companies and shops to provide artistic touch to their spaces.

The approach in Artfull is to make the student visualize the idea, comprehend and experiment it with various art forms. This leads to the creation of unique art pieces and helps the students to appreciate and explore the world of arts.

Broadly, Artfull focuses on REALISTIC DRAWING that consists of

  • Understanding the theme
  • Observing the structure of the objects
  • Focusing on the shades of the objects
  • Composition or the environment

Every child is fascinated by colors and we at Artfull help each child to nurture the creativity using art as a tool.


Artfull is located in Ashok Nagar with features like air conditioned centre, professionally trained teachers, flexible timings and an art gallery that provides an insight of different art forms and motivation to the students.

Courses at Artfull are divided into three groups based on the age of the child.
  • Foundation Level: (Age group – 4 to 6 years)
    Develops thinking and motor skills by using the basics of drawing and colouring (2D concept)
  • Basic Level: (Age group – 6 to 9 years)
    Develop basic understanding of realistic art by using 3D concept
  • Advanced Level: (Age group – above 9 years)
    Develop color sense, familiarity with using strokes and understand the various concepts of painting
  • Other courses: (based on specific requirements)
  • Pencil drawing and shading - to develop object drawing and shading
  • Pen drawing - to know the outline concept
  • Water color painting - using water colors to create masterpieces
  • Acrylic on canvas - to create art pieces using this medium
  • Portrait - to learn the stroke concept and finer details
  • Perspective drawing - for Architecture students
  • Anatomy drawing - for Fashion designing students
  • NATA training - to crack the B. Arch entrance exam
  • Oil painting - to gain mastery in this medium
  • Knife painting - to know the popular medium and be creative
  • Modern art - based on underlying ideas
  • Texture techniques - perceived surface quality of a work of art
  • Tanjore painting - traditional art


Craft camps are conducted at regular intervals at Artfull. The below are taught in turns during the craft camps.

  • Stone painting
  • Pot painting
  • Glass painting
  • Vegetables stamping
  • Thumb painting
  • Greeting cards making
  • Paper craft
  • Paper collage
  • Ice-cream sticks craft
  • Wooden clip craft
  • Sponge painting
  • Paper cup craft
  • Paper plate craft
  • Toothbrush painting
  • Stencil painting


  • Artfull has a structured and systematic curriculum from professional artists.
  • Quality art materials and colors provided.
  • Visit by professional teachers during the crafts program.
  • Individual attention to each of the students.
Being a student of Artfull brings in benefits like
  • Reduction of academic stress
  • Increases levels of observation and concentration
  • Builds the foundation for varied career choices
  • Appreciate art and adds a new dimension towards the outlook


Always dreamt of working with children and also being an entrepreneur?

You have come to the right place.

If you are a person who believes in art and wants to carry the belief to the next generation, we welcome you to be a part of our challenging and equally rewarding opportunity of instilling art in the creative minds.

For more details call us : Mr. Kumaresan - Founder. Mobile : 98400 60284


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